Serua Dragons Triumph Over Namosi Highlanders in Round 3 of Vodafone Cup

In an exhilarating Round 3 matchup of the Vodafone Cup, the Serua Dragons emerged victorious against the Namosi Highlanders, securing a 22-8 win. Despite the defeat, the Highlanders showcased remarkable resilience, managing to breach the Dragons’ defence twice. 

The Dragons demonstrated their prowess early on, dominating both offensively and defensively. Their strategic play and solid teamwork allowed them to maintain a lead throughout the game. Key players contributed significantly to the scoreline, displaying exceptional skill and coordination. 

However, the Highlanders were not easily deterred. They mounted a determined effort to challenge the Dragons’ supremacy, managing to score twice. Their persistence and fighting spirit were evident as they continually sought to overcome the Dragons’ defence. 

This victory marks another significant achievement for the Serua Dragons as they continue their campaign in the Vodafone Cup. The Namosi Highlanders, though defeated, have shown they are a team capable of strong comebacks and will undoubtedly be looking to rebound in their upcoming matches. 

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