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Costin to help prepare the Rabbitohs

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Kaiviti Silktails head coach Brandon Costin is working closely with the Ravoravo Rabbitohs as they prepare for the Melanesian Cup.

He has confirmed that five of his Silktails players who are under the Ravoravo Rabbitohs will play for their own club during the Melanesian Cup championship.

Costin is currently in the west with the Vodafone Cup champions at their training sessions for the next two weeks.

“Five of the Ravo players are going to be playing for Ravo and we’ll play with five less in our side against the Hela Wigmen but it’s a really good opportunity for Ravo just to get recognized last season in winning the Vodafone Cup. They’re a really great club and they’re really supportive of rugby league and there’s so much is good”

The Ravoravo Rabbitohs have less than two weeks to prepare for the Melanesian Cup where they will be playing PNG Lae Snax Tigers on 29th February at Churchill Park in Lautoka.

Source: FBC News

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