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Big Plans ahead for schools rugby league.

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credit: https://www.fbcnews.com.fj/sports/big-plans-ahead-for-schools-rugby-league/

The Fiji National Rugby League is looking to establish a Rugby League Academy to help mold secondary schools rugby league players.

Fiji Bati Head Coach Brandon Costin says the growth is secondary school rugby league competition has paved the way for actions to be taken to foster the growth of the sport.

“The competition is really strong and we are looking to try and implement some rugby league academy some HPU stuff for the secondary schools. We’ll try to set up some HPU Academy for U15,17 and U19 players going forward.”  

Costin adds the FNRL is gearing towards developing the sport from grass-root level.

“The more the competition goes on, the more you know we can get into the schools and assist with coaching.”

The Fiji Secondary Schools rugby league competition is being played in a round-robin basis with schools in the Southeastern division and Western division vie for their place to the quarter-final rounds.


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