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Vodafone Cup 2021 Season Calendar Launch promises a bigger a better experience to our communities and fans. 

32 Clubs with more than 70 teams are expected to indulge in a feat of Fijian rugby league. We are delighted to be bringing back the junior grades and even more proud to inaugurate the Marama Shield this year.

As new interests surge, your league is working together with our development partners to bring your game nearer to you. The game in 2021 will be safer, more vibrant and inclusive for young and aspiring rugby athletes. If you are interested in forming a rugby league club, a regional association of clubs (zone) or wish to invite the KALAWA bus for rugby league clinics, please get in touch with us early and register your interest.

Contact the Football Department on fas@fijibati.com or call 9928227.

Vinaka Vakalevu! Malo au pito! Thank you.


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