Fiji Secondary School Girls Rugby League Holiday Clinic Aims High

In a bid to foster talent and unearth potential stars, the Fiji National Rugby League (FNRL) has organized a two-week holiday clinic exclusively for secondary school girls. The initiative, aimed at identifying promising players for national representation, has attracted schools from across the region.

Among the enthusiastic participants are girls from Ra High School, Wainimala Secondary School, Wainibuka Secondary School, and Naitasiri Secondary School and many more. The clinic provides a platform for these young athletes to improve their skills under the guidance of experienced coaches and trainers.

Rugby league holds a significant place in Fijian sports culture, with the nation boasting a rich history of producing world-class talent. Recognizing the untapped potential among young female athletes, FNRL has prioritized initiatives like these to ensure inclusivity and equal opportunities in the sport.

The holiday clinic not only serves as a training ground but also as a scouting platform for FNRL selectors. Identified talents will have the opportunity to progress through the ranks, eventually representing Fiji on the international stage. “We believe in providing every aspiring athlete with the opportunity to showcase their abilities and pursue their dreams,” Fiji Bulikula head coach, Mr. Josaia Dakuitoga. “These clinics are crucial in identifying raw talent and nurturing them into future stars of Fijian rugby league.”

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